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Why you should be careful when choosing your locksmith…

Is your locksmith genuinely local? Is he even a locksmith?

It probably sounds nothing more than common sense, after all your locksmith deals with your home or businesses security but you’d be amazed how many will just call the first number they see on Google & have no idea who they’re actually dealing with!

It is important to do your research. If you do a Google search then almost definitely the top entries will be national companies, all offering very low rates & impossibly quick response times. They often have local phone numbers giving the impression they are local, with some even listing local addresses. Addresses that have nothing to do with the business listed! Sometimes a simple click on the advert will take you to their website where they continue the scam. Other times a little digging will show all sorts of strange things such as a local address but a London phone number.

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Google locksmith in Aylesbury
Locksmith scam
Claiming to be local when they're not
National locksmith in Aylesbury

As you can see you really have to read these adverts carefully.

With claims of being there in 15 minutes, London & Guilford phone numbers/addresses & even urging you to use them to avoid being ripped off!!!

Lie #1. Many will claim to be ‘Police Approved’. There are no such schemes for general locksmithing. There is also no such thing as licensed or bonded locksmiths in the UK. Theses terms will be repeated throughout the website giving the impression of legitimacy & to reassure you.

Lie #2. All will advertise low low prices such as ‘from £39’. The key word ‘from’ is often overlooked & if you call them they will reassure you that they have to include that as not all jobs can be £39, but most are. It’s rubbish. In all the years I’ve been doing this I’ve  never met anyone who has paid the advertised price for a lockout. I have however met countless who have been ripped off for £100’s. When on the phone they may mention that they will try to gain access non destructively & will only resort to drilling when all other options have been exhausted. They won’t. They will tell you your lock cannot be picked, and who are you to argue that ‘fact’, & they then start drilling. With huge inflated prices for parts, & with no other option because you need to lock your door you will have no choice but to pay. Many think they’ll pay now & simply get the money back in the morning when they ring the bank. Wrong…the bank will not help you…they cannot help. As long as there is no card fraud they will not refund you. If you want to pay £700 for a £100 job that’s your problem not theirs.

Below are examples of genuine invoices from these companies. I have redacted any info that may identify them as I’m not looking to name and shame, just to warn people about their tactics

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Overcharged by national locksmith
Ripped off!!
Conned by a national locksmith?
Another person ripped off!

I’ve dealt with the mess these companies leave behind on so many occasions. Cheap import locks that were used to replace quality locks…locks that were often changed unnecessarily in the first place. Parts that often fail within days of them being fitted. I have even come across very expensive high security locks being removed from customers properties & then replaced with very cheap clone parts…effectively stealing them! 

A few years ago a TV production company got in touch asking for my help in exposing one of these companies for stealing locks & massively overcharging customers. The program aired at 7:30 one evening exposing them & I hoped that would be the last we all saw of them. Unfortunately by the very next morning they had a completely new website up & running, already complete with 100’s of reviews from satisfied customers!!! It didn’t even slow them down. They have websites in reserve & seem to close down companies whilst opening another within hours.  Even if you successfully took one of these companies to court I doubt very much you’d ever see a penny.

Lie #3. They always state impossibly quick response times, sometimes as low as 15 minutes. I live in Aylesbury but I can tell you sometimes even just to get across town takes longer than that. They will keep calling you with all sorts of excuses explaining the delay…broken down vehicles, punctures, minor accidents, etc. All designed to keep you reassured that they’ll be with you shortly. In reality they often travel from London, Maidenhead, Guilford & in recent times I’ve known them travel from Dartford in Kent! I’ve had a few calls from people who’ve got fed up waiting for them & called me. I’ve arrived in 20 mins or so only to be told they’ve actually been waiting outside for 3 or 4 hours.

Now you’ve read all this would you trust your home security with these types of companies?

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