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I am a Hikvision Certified CCTV installer installing the latest in CCTV technology for the ultimate protection of your home or business.

24/7 recording with up to 90 days storage. Never miss an incident.

4K Day & Night cameras that see in total darkness, even in colour. Discreet fixed position cameras, or fully controllable (even from your phone) Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras.

Motion detection & Intrusion detection. The latest smart cameras that detect & record when someone has walked onto your property. They will even send a notification to your phone.

Remote live viewing or playback on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world, for absolute peace of mind while you are away.

3 year manufacturer warranty on ALL installations.

ALL installations are carried out to Hikvision certified standards using GENUINE Hikvision products, not ‘grey’ imports.

Certified CCTV installer

A little about Hikvision…

Hikvision is a world leading IoT solution provider with video based products at their core.

Centred in China they operate globally & have offices in North America & Europe.

Their commitment to research & design, development, technical support & service is second to none.

World leaders in audio & video encoding, video image processing, as well as artificial intelligence their products are at the top of a very crowded market.

I personally love their products. Having used many different manufacturers over the years, all making various promises, Hikvision’s products just work….every time.

You never have a worry about did my CCTV catch that incident…it did.

When you open the app to view your cameras it opens quickly & works every time.

No they’re not the cheapest, but they are the best. 

Cheap CCTV isn’t good, and good CCTV isn’t cheap.

Beware: many other installers use inferior products that offer no support. They will use cameras/recorders that are purchased outside of the UK at vastly reduced rated because they offer no UK warranty.

Some even use cloned products or fakes!

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